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CORS Middleware

CORS middleware implements CORS specification. CORS gives web servers cross-domain access controls, which enable secure cross-domain data transfers.



Custom Configuration


e := echo.New()
  AllowOrigins: []string{"", ""},
  AllowHeaders: []string{echo.HeaderOrigin, echo.HeaderContentType, echo.HeaderAccept},


CORSConfig struct {
  // Skipper defines a function to skip middleware.
  Skipper Skipper

  // AllowOrigin defines a list of origins that may access the resource.
  // Optional. Default value []string{"*"}.
  AllowOrigins []string `json:"allow_origins"`

  // AllowMethods defines a list methods allowed when accessing the resource.
  // This is used in response to a preflight request.
  // Optional. Default value DefaultCORSConfig.AllowMethods.
  AllowMethods []string `json:"allow_methods"`

  // AllowHeaders defines a list of request headers that can be used when
  // making the actual request. This in response to a preflight request.
  // Optional. Default value []string{}.
  AllowHeaders []string `json:"allow_headers"`

  // AllowCredentials indicates whether or not the response to the request
  // can be exposed when the credentials flag is true. When used as part of
  // a response to a preflight request, this indicates whether or not the
  // actual request can be made using credentials.
  // Optional. Default value false.
  AllowCredentials bool `json:"allow_credentials"`

  // ExposeHeaders defines a whitelist headers that clients are allowed to
  // access.
  // Optional. Default value []string{}.
  ExposeHeaders []string `json:"expose_headers"`

  // MaxAge indicates how long (in seconds) the results of a preflight request
  // can be cached.
  // Optional. Default value 0.
  MaxAge int `json:"max_age"`

Default Configuration

DefaultCORSConfig = CORSConfig{
  Skipper:      DefaultSkipper,
  AllowOrigins: []string{"*"},
  AllowMethods: []string{echo.GET, echo.HEAD, echo.PUT, echo.PATCH, echo.POST, echo.DELETE},

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