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Recover Middleware

Recover middleware recovers from panics anywhere in the chain, prints stack trace and handles the control to the centralized HTTPErrorHandler.



Custom Configuration


e := echo.New()
  StackSize:  1 << 10, // 1 KB

Example above uses a StackSize of 1 KB and default values for DisableStackAll and DisablePrintStack.


RecoverConfig struct {
  // Skipper defines a function to skip middleware.
  Skipper Skipper

  // Size of the stack to be printed.
  // Optional. Default value 4KB.
  StackSize int `json:"stack_size"`

  // DisableStackAll disables formatting stack traces of all other goroutines
  // into buffer after the trace for the current goroutine.
  // Optional. Default value false.
  DisableStackAll bool `json:"disable_stack_all"`

  // DisablePrintStack disables printing stack trace.
  // Optional. Default value as false.
  DisablePrintStack bool `json:"disable_print_stack"`

Default Configuration

DefaultRecoverConfig = RecoverConfig{
  Skipper:           DefaultSkipper,
  StackSize:         4 << 10, // 4 KB
  DisableStackAll:   false,
  DisablePrintStack: false,