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Basic Auth

Basic auth middleware provides an HTTP basic authentication.

  • For valid credentials it calls the next handler.
  • For missing or invalid credentials, it sends "401 - Unauthorized" response.


e.Use(middleware.BasicAuth(func(username, password string, c echo.Context) (bool, error) {
// Be careful to use constant time comparison to prevent timing attacks
if subtle.ConstantTimeCompare([]byte(username), []byte("joe")) == 1 &&
subtle.ConstantTimeCompare([]byte(password), []byte("secret")) == 1 {
return true, nil
return false, nil

Custom Configuration




BasicAuthConfig struct {
// Skipper defines a function to skip middleware.
Skipper Skipper

// Validator is a function to validate BasicAuth credentials.
// Required.
Validator BasicAuthValidator

// Realm is a string to define realm attribute of BasicAuth.
// Default value "Restricted".
Realm string

Default Configuration

DefaultBasicAuthConfig = BasicAuthConfig{
Skipper: DefaultSkipper,