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Cross-site request forgery, also known as one-click attack or session riding and abbreviated as CSRF (sometimes pronounced sea-surf) or XSRF, is a type of malicious exploit of a website where unauthorized commands are transmitted from a user that the website trusts.



Custom Configuration


e := echo.New()
TokenLookup: "header:X-XSRF-TOKEN",

Example above uses X-XSRF-TOKEN request header to extract CSRF token.

Example Configuration that reads token from Cookie

TokenLookup: "cookie:_csrf",
CookiePath: "/",
CookieDomain: "",
CookieSecure: true,
CookieHTTPOnly: true,
CookieSameSite: http.SameSiteStrictMode,

Accessing CSRF Token


CSRF token can be accessed from Echo#Context using ContextKey and passed to the client via template.


CSRF token can be accessed from CSRF cookie.


CSRFConfig struct {
// Skipper defines a function to skip middleware.
Skipper Skipper

// TokenLength is the length of the generated token.
TokenLength uint8 `json:"token_length"`
// Optional. Default value 32.

// TokenLookup is a string in the form of "<source>:<key>" that is used
// to extract token from the request.
// Optional. Default value "header:X-CSRF-Token".
// Possible values:
// - "header:<name>"
// - "form:<name>"
// - "query:<name>"
// - "cookie:<name>"
TokenLookup string `json:"token_lookup"`

// Context key to store generated CSRF token into context.
// Optional. Default value "csrf".
ContextKey string `json:"context_key"`

// Name of the CSRF cookie. This cookie will store CSRF token.
// Optional. Default value "_csrf".
CookieName string `json:"cookie_name"`

// Domain of the CSRF cookie.
// Optional. Default value none.
CookieDomain string `json:"cookie_domain"`

// Path of the CSRF cookie.
// Optional. Default value none.
CookiePath string `json:"cookie_path"`

// Max age (in seconds) of the CSRF cookie.
// Optional. Default value 86400 (24hr).
CookieMaxAge int `json:"cookie_max_age"`

// Indicates if CSRF cookie is secure.
// Optional. Default value false.
CookieSecure bool `json:"cookie_secure"`

// Indicates if CSRF cookie is HTTP only.
// Optional. Default value false.
CookieHTTPOnly bool `json:"cookie_http_only"`

Default Configuration

DefaultCSRFConfig = CSRFConfig{
Skipper: DefaultSkipper,
TokenLength: 32,
TokenLookup: "header:" + echo.HeaderXCSRFToken,
ContextKey: "csrf",
CookieName: "_csrf",
CookieMaxAge: 86400,